Wine Culture: The Types Of Glasses And Their Uses

Wine is a drink of people with refinement and substance. As there are thousands of wine varieties, there are also many kinds of glasses that are used to contain them.

Image source: winefolly.com

A fair reminder to go by is that there are specific wine glasses that suit different kinds of wine. I have personally seen many wine drinkers out there who need to have a deeper appreciation of this.

Red wine glasses are easy to identify by their bowl shape. These are the largest types of wine glasses around because the large bowl serves to enhance the flavor of red wine. With its size, you should not fill this glass more than one-third full. As a rule of thumb, the more robust your red wine is, the less tapered the rim of the glass should be.

Compared to red wine glasses, white wine glasses have a more U-shaped bowl and are more upright. The reason for having a slimmer bowl is that white wine does not have to be aerated as much as red wine. In using this glass, you shouldn’t fill more than two-thirds of the space. This is just enough for the aromas in white wine to be released.

Although the most popular is champagne, there are other types of sparkling wine. This type of wine has a glass of its own, for purposes of capturing the wine’s natural carbonation. The sparkling wine glass may also be referred to as the ‘flute’, because of its signature long stem. The purpose of this is for your hand to keep its heat from transferring to the wine.

Image source: luxebeatmag.com

Bennett J. Kireker is from New York, where he heads a wine club whose members meet every quarter. At these meetings, club members can examine tasting notes Bennett has pulled about each wine, including ranges in price point and similar or likeable characteristics among diverse vintage. Discover more things about about wine by subscribing to this Twitter account.


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